Saturday, July 10, 2010

Made It!

Well, after four plane rides (totaling over 25 hours), making it three days to get here but we finally made it! We left DC on July 7 and arrived here in South Africa July 10. It is 9 hours later here, so hopefully we won't have too much difficulty adjusting to the time here.

I absolutely love my team. We have 14 people and a team leader--four guys and ten gals. We used our many hours of traveling and layovers to get to know each other so by the time we arrived in South Africa we were already making ridiculous (and loving!) comments toward each other and all getting along extremely well.

On the flight to Paris we were able to sit together and watch movies and TV shows. Once we arrived in Paris we were amazed by how big the airport is there and then had a 12 hour layover. As soon as we got there we all crashed on the floor at the gate and slept for about five hours on the airport floor. We then woke up and played some games together and I took another nap. We went to Jo-burg on the biggest commercial plane in existence! I slept for 7 hours and was still able to watch some TV and a movie...and make some friends from South Africa and Poland (long flight, I'm telling ya)! Once we arrived, we then had a three hour drive to the mission base.

I'm staying in a cabin with two interns and 3 other team members. We are really squished in there! After showering we ate dinner (yum!) and now are at the coffee bar where we all hang out, use Internet, etc.

It is definitely cold here and my hands are freezing so I won't be able to type too much! Getting ready to go to bed...

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